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Hi guys'

    I called about a week ago and I don't remember if I spoke to Norman or Russell. Here's my "two2cool" story.

My son Reed (8 yr old) races a 2006 Yamaha TTR50 that is set up for Supermoto. It has a big bore kit and BBR forks with a Two Bros swing arm and fox shock...Nice little bike. Well on Sept 25th I was waiting for a friend to pick us up to travel to Dublin Georgia for our season ending race .(the Florida supermoto series) I was trying to do too much in an hour before our ride arrived. I changed the oil in our little Honda generator Reeds race bike and his dirt bike (kaw 110).ALL our bike use TWO2COOL oil. Well...Our ride pulled up and I started to load up all our gear and bike. We drove for 7 hours got a hotel ,ate dinner , slept , ate breakfast, headed to the track.  NOTE this track is "Awesome !" Brand new , owned and operated by Phil Heron (father of AMA road racing champ Josh Heron-Factory Yamaha sponsored rider). "Mid Georgia Karting Track"    A slick place. 

    SO.... I suit Reed up for his first practice session and he heads out , I watched him pick his speed up with each following lap and was cooking turn one very well for an 8 yr old, so I headed by the fence to take a picture of him on the 5th lap and heard a sound that can only be described as "an OLD farm fence with rusty hinges" SCREEEEECH ! and the bike came to a stop. I thought what was that? Then IT hit me...I forgot to refill the engine ! OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE ! The weight in my chest was indiscernible , I felt awful , I just ruined my sons weekend at a dream track and more than likely his bike engine is junk "cases and all" 14 hours there and back for nothing......

    Well I thought what the heck lets just Fill er up and see what happens. IT started ! so I checked to make sure the oil level was good and waited for the engine to cool down , maybe 20 minutes. On his next session I told him to get to speed a little at a time and pull off if he hears ANY odd sounds. OK here goes... He rode 10 twenty min sessions on sat , Never any smoke or engine noise , on Sunday he rode 2 practice sessions ,1 heat moto , and the main which he got 2nd place! racing against KTM'S, Reed finished the season 3rd in points. All the other racers were amazed that the bike ran perfect both days. I believe some will convert to your product.

    The guys at Power Wheels Racing shop in Longwood FL. sponsor Reed with super discounts , that's where we get our parts,two2cool oil, and service. Keith and Kendall are amazed that the ONLY damage to the motor is a scored piston . Really,,, the cylinder has light scratching and all bearings and machined surfaces held up, WOW I will be telling that story for many years to come. You have a great product ! ...I have road raced since 1989 and have never seen this , I used "Royal Purple" oil for the past 6 years in my race bikes and I still had to o/h the motor mid season.

    I am here by "Requesting possible sponsorship for the greatest oil on earth!"

        Do you have a sponsorship program? How does it work? I need decals and a banner to fly "everywhere”. Reed will be racing the winter series , and of course the 2010 season.

    Please see our supermoto series at www.flsupermoto.comand look for #17 little Yamaha at the last round (sept26,27) for some great photos .


Patrick Johnson ph xxx-xxx-xxxx

Reed Johnson #17

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