What is Two2Cool (long Read, but worth it)

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TWO2COOL is the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of quality lubricants & coolants.

Satisfied Customers Thirteen Years and Running

TWO2COOL lubricants and coolants was founded in 2003 by Norman Clay when his son had
become involved with motocross racing. As his son became more skilled and pushed the
motorcycle to it's limit he, like many of us, began to experience mechanical issues related to
extreme temperatures.

Motorcycles produce the highest output of power per displacement size and with an extremely
limited amount of lubricating fluid reservoir (the amount of space available for cooling). This
presents many problems which are compounded as the engines are modified to produce a race bike
that is competitive with others. Unlike a race car engine that has a large capacity oil sump,
motorcycles must use the same oil to lubricate the engine and transmission while still cooling the
clutch. Increasing the oil capacity is limited by the space available on most motorcycles.
With this knowledge he began to work on finding a solution to motor failures and overheating due
to limited oil capacity. His work with chemical engineers developed (after much trial an error) an
oil concentration that reduced oil temperatures, increase durability and actually delivered more
power. These qualities were able to sustain the entire length of the race. He realized that this
would be ground breaking and protected the findings as he continued testing.
As he passed the the “secret” to close friends and they were coming back for more and more, this
became the first product TWO2COOL would offer called the "Oil Additive".
At first, consumers did not readily accept the additive product. Additives are not typically well
accepted by the racing industry(s). This worked out great for people that had already
experienced the benefits, because it actually helped them. The “secret” was actually bolstered as false by
the people that were using it. They knew the product worked so well that they didn't want the
competition to run it as well. It’s claims of reducing oil temperatures by up to 70 degrees, didn't
make sense to many people. So they would steer people away from the product because it was
easy to do and gave them an advantage. Especially in the 50cc Centrifigual clutch bikes.

If your a “50 Dad” I'm sure you've heard it all..... “Run Cheap ATF (its all the same)”, “Clutch Milk
Only”, “Synthetic”, “Conventional” - Etc, Etc, Etc.... Truth is – TWO2COOL
Now, after many years, TWO2COOL oil additive still stands tall as it's own product. Proving itself
over and over again. Turning skeptics into loyal customers who, like us, add the product to
everything they own, generators, towing vehicles and race bikes. You can find the original
product in our store.
In 2006, Norman Clay decided that instead of supplying only one product that improves everyone
else's (medium grade) motor oil, TWO2COOL could take all the testing and oil analysis data used
to develop the “Oil Additive” product and develop a superior base oil.
Through years of studying the oils that were returned for analysis, he was able to isolate certain
additives that performed well and discard items that simply did not or ones that broke down under
extreme conditions. By further refining oils being offered by the leading brands, TWO2COOL’s
DINO (Conventional Petroleum) and Synthetic motor oil lines were born.
In it's simplest terms, when you purchase a TWO2COOL oil product, you can rest assured that
the finished product is superior and void of harmful additives sold by other companies.

Your next question might be be “why would other companies include these additives”?. The truth
is cost. While Norman developed the Oil Additive product to assist in his race motors, he had
access to data that is seldom available. He was forced to take a much deeper look at the results
in order to create a product that would work for what he wanted. This "deep dive" analysis
scientifically proved that much of the “bad stuff” was cheap filler and created a product with maximum
profit margins for the big box companies.
TWO2COOL makes the superior product and prices it to be competitive. We simply do not have as
much of a profit margin as other companies. We think that's a fair trade-off for a superior product
that WORKS.
Next we created the DinoCool and SynCool product lines (originally called X-treme). Starting with
our superior base products, we eliminated the cost of adding T2C additive to ours or other oil
brands. You can rest assured that the infusion of our TWO2COOL oil additive is appropriately
proportioned each and every time. We refer to this as “Ready to Run”. No other product can
claim that they reduce extreme temperatures and double the life between required oil changes.

TWO2COOL transmission specific lubricants better protect and lubricate the transmission which
has different needs than an engine oil.
CTF-R which is the only oil developed specifically for the 50cc 2-stroke single speed automatic
transmission engines that feature a centrifugal clutch. You will find these used in the KTM, Cobra,
Polini or anything else using a "Morini" style engine. This oil has been the "choice" for many 50cc
"Specialists" all over the USA and the World. CTF-R is pre-loaded with our proprietary T2C
transmission cooling additive.
RTL-2 used in the bigger 2-stroke bikes and the 4-strokes where the trans oil is separated from
the engine. These oils are loaded with the 2TC which lowers temps and provides better lubrication
and protection. These were both developed to meet the specific demands of these transmissions
with very specific properties to extend engine, transmission and clutch components while
providing longer intervals between oil changes by reducing overall operating temperatures.
Naturally we have been excited about our extensive gains in reducing operating tempratures
surrounding the Motor Oil and Transmission Oil mediums. We then discovered an amazing
property related to cooants. Suddenly we were able to achieve astounding results on the dyno
and on thermocouples related to reducing the overall operating temperatures as tested against the leader in the market...
TWO2COOL. That's right, we improved overall cooling by developing a proprietary “Heat Transfer
Fluid” and improved on our own benchmarks.
Our coolant lines offer three options:
"Race Coolant" this product offers the best cooling performance of any coolant on the market.
Our secret "Heat Transfer Fluid" was developed by and is only used by us. It does NOT have
glycol in it. Freezing temperatures are around 20° and boiling temps are around 230° with an
18lb cap.

Next would be our
"Racing Antifreeze" which has nearly the same cooling ability as our Race Coolant, better than any
other "Antifreeze" on the market, and still offers a lower freeze point 5° and a higher boiling temp
250° than our nearest competitor.
Pro-G "No Boil" coolant that is similar to other products on the market such as "Evans" that has an
extremely high boiling point, very low freezing temps. The difference between ours and theirs, is
our proprietary "heat transfer fluid" that maintains excellent cooling ability.

Thank you for reading this LONG explanation on our existence. Please share with friends and we hope to have you as a lifetime customer!